Cost Reporting for Medicaid

To help healthcare providers comply with the complex and ever-changing requirements and avoid suspended payments (or missed payments), we are certified to provide Medicaid Cost Reporting services. We understand that margin pressures make it imperative that you secure all the Medicaid reimbursements that are due to your business. If you prepare your own cost reports, we can provide a review service that will provide a summary of observations and recommendations to enhance reimbursement in the future.

Medicaid Cost Report Preparation: We are certified to prepare Medicaid cost reports for a wide range of healthcare providers:

  • Home and Community Based Services (HCBS/TxHmL)
  • Community Based Alternatives (CBA)
  • Direct Service Agency (CLASS-DSA, CLASS CMA)
  • Day Activity & Health Services (DAHS)
  • Primary Home Care (PHC) and Family Care providers
  • Nursing Care Facilities: Hospice, Assisted Living Facilities and outpatient services are among the fastest growing and most competitive segments in the healthcare industry.

At Abraham Business Solutions, PC, we understand the complexities involved in running this type of healthcare practice, where regulation changes are the norm. Today, more than ever, your organization needs sound financial, accounting and tax advice to help your practice be successful and competitive. Our CPA professionals can offer unparalleled financial expertise whether you run a hospice or an assisted living facility.

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